Network Platform

Scale your affiliate program and maximize revenue

Track 360 stands as the ultimate affiliate management software available today, offering an extensive range of features. All-in-one service to streamline affiliate management Operations: tracking partners performance, analyzing KPIs, optimizing campaigns and more.

Customizable dashboards

Enhance Insight with customizable dashboards.

  • Analyze performance metrics in real-time.
  • Adapt dashboard layout to user preference.
  • View all the KPIs that are important to you.
  • View traffic quality and revenue flows.

Marketing Tools

Maximize Outreach with Advanced Resources.

  • Utilize an array of promotional tools.
  • Accessible Lead Registration API.
  • Integrate tracking across devices.
  • Control creative visibility among affiliates.

Affiliate Network Gateway

Substantial Traffic Flow and Click Management

  • Direct traffic from affiliates to advertisers efficiently.
  • Monitor real-time click-through and conversion rates.
  • Balance traffic loads to optimize campaign performance.
  • Analyze affiliate traffic quality for higher ROI.
  • Utilize smart distribution to prioritize profitable channels.
  • Facilitate transparent affiliate-advertiser collaborations.

Affiliate Mediation Services

Streamlining Affiliate-Advertiser Interactions

  • Serve as an intermediary between affiliates and advertisers;
  • Implement dynamic click distribution strategies.
  • Provide a platform for equitable traffic allocation.
  • Deliver insights into affiliate performance Reports.

Achieve your business goals through the power of affiliate marketing

Tracking & Reporting

In-depth Analytics for Strategic Decision-Making

  • Gain insights on clicks, revenue, and more.
  • Optimize the budget with detailed reports.
  • Export data PDF, Excel, CSV, Email, and API
  • Customizable - any KPI can be included
  • Analyze data with filters and drill-downs

Deals Manager

Sophisticated Deal Structuring and Management

  • Manage multi-tier affiliate deals effectively.
  • Supports any type of commission plan.
  • Employs advanced formulas for custom deals.
  • Organize multiple campaigns with unique deals.

Payment Module

Efficient and Compliant Financial Operations

  • Handle multi-currency transactions smoothly.
  • Financial statements summarizing all data.
  • Support both Weekly and Monthly modules.
  • Integrate seamlessly with payment service providers.
  • Risk Management Reports and Approval.